ELLE Photo Shoot: Moroccan Summer + Snow?

Got pulled on as an assistant for my friend, Paul Empson, on Wednesday and Thursday. The whole concept behind the shoot was supposed to be summertime bohemian chic in Morocco. Well, French weather had other plans. Behold the snow that paralyzed France and definitely threw our work way off.

I have to say that this was my favorite shoot that I’ve done because everything went wrong: snow, overcast day, not optimal space to get the photos we needed, etc. It was a disaster. So to make it work, we had to get creative and unconventional at times, and therefore, I learned so much in one day. And we had a great time doing it because the conditions were so ridiculous that we all became giddy and punch drunk.


All transport (cars, taxis, buses, trains, everything) was late, cancelled, or just shut down completely. We were an hour outside of Paris in Coubron and stranded. The only solution we could find was to hitchhike; not an easy feat with 9 people, equipment and clothes. Thanks to the kindness of strangers, we made it to the train station and eventually had a train back into town.

On day 2 of shooting, we scraped the idea of the house and headed over to Le Studio Rouchon to fill out the rest of the story. Here are some photos of the other assistants, Loc and Nicola, and the model, Annabel. It was a lovely last shoot for a while in Paris. I’m moving to Washington, D.C. in a couple of weeks. Read all about the move at Foreign Capital.

Loc Boyle

Nicola Avanzinelli

Annabel van Toledo

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