Hello Bloggity Blog…

We are not friends. We have never been friends. I neglect you & you just feel like a ton of work without not much in return. Now my other friends, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter… those guys? We get along just fine. So in the spirit of new beginnings in the New Year, I’m going to start over with you, bloggity blog. Let’s play nice.
2014 Declarations

  • Grow mermaid hair (I like how you think I’m kidding… Nope! I want it LONG)
  • Manage health issues (2013 kicked me in the teeth. I got run down the gauntlet more than a few times. I really can’t thank my family, friends AND clients who stayed with me, were my cheerleaders & have been really patient with me when I couldn’t offer much in return. You guys are literally why I’m still here. LOVE. YOU. ALL)
  • Give more to my dreams than to others’ (This might sound selfish, but I have the really bad habit of dropping everything I’m doing  & working to throw myself into helping someone else on their path… I’m sure it’s good karma though.)
  • Photography hiatus is officially over (I needed a break, needed to recover, needed to reassess, needed to get pumped again.)
  • Redesign my crippled website (It’s been 2 years of trying to realize my vision for a good online representation of my company. I’ve given up on others & am doing it myself. Working on the bones of it all this week!)
  • Financial mumbo jumbo (Going to get this train on the right track… & kick some debt in the ass)
  • Paint apartment (Or move to a new one… if I’m still here 6 more months, I’m painting. Either way the hunt is on!)
  • Improve friendship correspondence/mend neglected relationships (I need some quality time with people that I hold dear… who may have forgotten that I do)
  • Cook more at home (Everyone knows I love a restaurant more than just about anything, but I miss cooking at home, especially for a group of people. I’m reinstating a standing dinner party at my house like I did in France & occasionally here, in DC. Time to dust off the cookbooks.)
  • Take back up my regular yoga classes & acupuncture appointments (Not only does it help with my health issues, there is something really powerful about taking an hour out of your life to do something wholly for yourself & then be able to pass a better version of you onto others.)
  • Read 1 book a week (Ouf… this a lofty one, but I think I can do it. How I miss reading on the Paris metro & plowing through books… le sigh.)
  • Complete 1 creative project a month (I need a brain work out… and it can’t be 100% comprised of photography. Let’s shake this up.)
  • Volunteer (Suggested opportunities welcome!)
  • 1 oversees vacation (I don’t know how this happened to me. ME!?! But I’ve only taken one (albeit amazing) trip in the last 3 years since moving back stateside… this shall not stand.)
  • Discover new spots in the US (All of my US travel as of late have been to visit friends & family only… I need to explore. I see the west in my future.)
  • Stop beating myself up about what I don’t accomplish & celebrate the things that I do. (Now there’s the hardest of them all. “Stop worrying” is wrapped up in that one… it’s a doozy.)
  • Make nice with bloggity blog…

But let’s be serious, it’s all about the hair…


PS Google Image search “mermaid hair” & the results are pretty ridiculous. For the record, that is not what I had in mind! Here, I did the work for you: YIKES!