Blogged! A Photobooth Brunch at The Coupe

Awww… the lovely ladies, Jess and Steph, of Someting to Nosh On posted their cute photos from our Holiday Photo Booth at The Coupe! They even unveiled the identity of their (now not so) secret partner in crime, Pratik!

Make sure to bounce around their awesome food blog and add it to your RSS, Reader, etc!

Thanks for the love, dearies!

A Photo Booth Brunch at The Coupe.

(and yes… I hug.)

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Personal: Thai Feast & Good Company {Food Photographer & Eater of Yummy Things} Washington, DC

On Saturday evening, I had the immense pleasure of joining my friends for a dinner party. Anyone who knows me will tell you that a Saturday night to just be with friends happens once in a blue moon. (And to be honest, I was late for dinner coming back from 2 shoots that day… but that’s the definition of a “free Saturday night” in my world!)

Katie & Allan have one of the most well-appointed kitchens I’ve ever seen of a home chef. Their cookbook collection alone had me drooling. Knowing them, I was prepared for a treat, but when I saw the setting,  I couldn’t get a plate-full fast enough. My goodness, they are as talented as they are endearing.

I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots of my pals and foodies extraordinaire enjoying the merriment. Unfortunately, not everyone is pictured as I decided to put the camera down and enjoy. Derek Brown (@betterdrinking) and his lovely wife, Chantal Tseng (@ShinobiPaws) tweeted a few of the feast, if you would like to scope out some of the food.

Worry not… you’ll be seeing more of them since I’m documenting Katie & Allan’s epicurean wedding at the Ashby Inn in a few weeks time. Cannot wait!

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TEASER: DC Beer Week 2012 Beer Cruise { Food & Event Photographer } Washington, DC

No one (and I mean no one) has more fun at work than me…

It’s DC Beer Week, y’all! Get to one of these super cool events before it’s too late!

To see more photos of the Beer Cruise, head on over to DC Beer Week’s Facebook page

More to come!

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