Chef Marjie Meek-Bradley Comes to Ripple {Washington, DC} Food & Portrait Photographer   Who s In and Who s Out  Chef Shuffles for the Week of Feb.   Who s In and Who s Out  Chef Shuffles for the Week of Feb. 22-1   Who s In and Who s Out  Chef Shuffles for the Week of Feb. 22-2

It finally went public this week that Marjie is taking over for Logan Cox when he leaves Ripple in just a couple of weeks! We’ve all loved Marjie’s work at Chef Mike Isabella’s Graffiato, and I’m just so happy that Logan’s successor at a restaurant that prides itself on sourcing locally came from right here in DC.

We did a bunch of portraits of Marjie in her new digs yesterday… and just in time: Plate Magazine made a photo request before I had even gotten home from the shoot!

Welcome to the Ripple family, Miss Marjie!

… and wonderful adventures to my dear friends, Logan & Sara.


Blogged! A Photobooth Brunch at The Coupe

Awww… the lovely ladies, Jess and Steph, of Someting to Nosh On posted their cute photos from our Holiday Photo Booth at The Coupe! They even unveiled the identity of their (now not so) secret partner in crime, Pratik!

Make sure to bounce around their awesome food blog and add it to your RSS, Reader, etc!

Thanks for the love, dearies!

A Photo Booth Brunch at The Coupe.

(and yes… I hug.)

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Photo featured: City Paper’s Chefs Veg Out

Sometimes it’s good to Google yourself… just came across this article¬†from way back in October! Logan Cox from Ripple dishes about food and sleep walking with ravioli in his hair…

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Featured: Restaurant Hospitality Hightlights Ripple’s Josh Berner { Portrait Photographer } Washington, DC

Congrats to Josh Berner at Ripple for making Restaurant Hospitality Magazine’s “Ones to Watch!”

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The Family Meinhart {Child & Family Photographer} {Spring Hill, Tennessee}

Many moons ago, my friend Chris and I worked for the Outdoor Pursuits program at MTSU. That job entailed leading groups through the challenge course and spraying each other with a hose while cleaning out the camping equipment. More than anything else though, we worked the climbing wall. We belayed everyone from frat boys to the professors’ kids and in our down time (which there was an abundance of), we got to hang out with Keena who worked the front desk and who was dating Chris. We laughed until we couldn’t breathe most nights. They are, by far, two of my favorite people. So it has been a great time watching them go from flirty co-workers to husband and wife to parents of Thomas and Katherine.

I packed a small bag of gear for my trip home to Nashville for Thanksgiving, shoving reflectors and whatnot into my checked suitcase (it was a direct flight; what could go wrong?). Famous last words, right? I arrived 15 minutes early, but my bag didn’t show up until later that night. Since I was in town for only 48 hours and 24 of those were Thanksgiving day, there was nothing left to do but to roll with it. After rummaging around in my step-father and mom’s garage, I came out triumphant with a good sized piece of white styrofoam (also known as a reflector in a pinch). Styrofoam in hand, I went straight on over to their house to shoot some 3 month-old photos of Katherine and a few of Thomas, too… in his underoos, no less.

This being the 2nd time that Miss Katherine and I have met, it was an afternoon of discoveries. For example, she liked to cry 99% of the times that I pointed a camera at her. Surprise discovery! I, in turn, discovered that I think that sad baby photos are as adorable, if not more so, than happy baby photos.

She’s just so darn cute when she’s mad!

Much love to you, Chris and Keena. Your children are magnificent which is a testament to how incredible you both are.

And one more thing…. can Thomas and I play this again at Christmas time? “Pop-up Pirate?” “Pirate Pogo?” Whatever it’s called, the look on his face when it jumps is just fantastic!

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Turkey is so last week… {Food Photographer} {Washington, DC}

Did a quick publicity shoot for Ripple yesterday…which are always my favorites. When you know a place inside and out, you get to do some cool experiments. Having shot there so frequently, I wanted to shake things up from the way I’ve been doing things. No time to get complacent! I generally shoot natural light, but decided that for these to go all flash. The main reason being that I wanted to create a nighttime scene in the middle of a glorious sunny day (70F in late November? woot!). I showed up early to futz around with everything, and then played with my new sweet Yellow Sky Actions in post. I’m thrilled with the results, gang.

Clearly… Wood Pigeon is where it is at! Ripple¬†is featuring an amazing dish for a limited time only. Half of a Scottish Wood Pigeon served with a Chicken Juniper Ballantine. Check out the farm fresh turnips and red veined sorrel. Swoon.

Had fun trying to make bar manager and cocktail concocter, Josh Berner, laugh all afternoon. In truth, owner Roger Marmet had us all in stitches.

Happy Tuesday and swing by the webite:

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Photo of Chef Logan Cox on