Featured in Food Arts Magazine {food photographer} Washington, DC

Very honored to have my photo of Ripple‘s cocktail “Castles Made of Sand” featured in March 2012’s issue of Food Arts Magazine! Thanks so much to Josh Berner (the mixologist behind the very cool drink) and to Jessica Oshita with M. Shanken Communications who puts out the gorgeous publication as well as Wine Spectator and Cigar¬†Aficionado. Hope to work with you guys again soon!

Here is the original image:

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Featured: Restaurant Hospitality Hightlights Ripple’s Josh Berner { Portrait Photographer } Washington, DC

Congrats to Josh Berner at Ripple for making Restaurant Hospitality Magazine’s “Ones to Watch!”

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Photo Featured: Tasting Table’s Best Cocktails of 2011 {Food Photographer} {Washington, DC}

Tasting Table National named Ripple’s cocktail, The Something Sazerac Something Something, as one of the best cocktails of 2011.

Congrats to Josh, mixologist extraordinaire! Check out my photo for the article:


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Turkey is so last week… {Food Photographer} {Washington, DC}

Did a quick publicity shoot for Ripple yesterday…which are always my favorites. When you know a place inside and out, you get to do some cool experiments. Having shot there so frequently, I wanted to shake things up from the way I’ve been doing things. No time to get complacent! I generally shoot natural light, but decided that for these to go all flash. The main reason being that I wanted to create a nighttime scene in the middle of a glorious sunny day (70F in late November? woot!). I showed up early to futz around with everything, and then played with my new sweet Yellow Sky Actions in post. I’m thrilled with the results, gang.

Clearly… Wood Pigeon is where it is at! Ripple¬†is featuring an amazing dish for a limited time only. Half of a Scottish Wood Pigeon served with a Chicken Juniper Ballantine. Check out the farm fresh turnips and red veined sorrel. Swoon.

Had fun trying to make bar manager and cocktail concocter, Josh Berner, laugh all afternoon. In truth, owner Roger Marmet had us all in stitches.

Happy Tuesday and swing by the webite: www.elizabethparkerphoto.com

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