Behind the Scenes: Jacki & Reid’s Wedding via Instagram {Wedding Photographer} Charlottesville, Virginia

We had a BLAST at Jacki & Reid‘s wedding extravaganza at Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyard. These families know how to get down.

In case you missed the play by plays of this glorious wedding weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, here you go!

Here I am leaving DC bright and early Saturday morning to get to the Bridesmaids’ Luncheon. Car-full of gear? Check. 10 outfit changes? Check. Hot rollers? Check, check, check…

Love at first sight! God bless Pippin Hill and it’s gorgeous views.

The sweetest little Flower Girl, Peyton, at the wedding rehearsal. Swoon.

Despite my preemptive strike with hot rollers early that morning, the humidity won. Emergency trip #1 to CVS.

Sebastian Re-Shaper hairspray, you rock. Heading to the rehearsal dinner…

The wedding rehearsal at Farmington Country Club could have been the reception, it was so lovely! And the toasts had us all in stitches and tears.

Miam miam. The red snapper was phenomenal. (Like I wouldn’t take photos of the food…)

My sweet treat at the end of the night!

Emergency trip to CVS #2: Ice packs, Emergen-C, and wrist braces. Needed to rebound quick for all the festivities the next day!

Primed and ready for the main event!

I actually remembered to eat before the ceremony. Pippin Hill’s Croque Monsieur in a cute little cast iron skillet. My kind of place.

Kwaaa?!? It’s wedding time?!?

(**Please note: Jacki’s hair is in process… šŸ˜‰ I promised I would explain this one!)

Pippin Hill’s Chef Amalia Scatena developed this dish especially for Jacki & Reid. Shenandoah Chicken & Carolina Prawns… a huge hit!

First to arrive & last to leave… I was pooped!

But that wasn’t going to stop my 2nd shooter, Kyle, and I from getting a celebratory drink. Kyle’s “kwaa?!?” face after listening to drunk college kids for about an hour. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time… probably since I was their age.

We needed some late night dinner and ran into some of the wedding party…

I love that at the end of weddings, you walk away with about 100 new friends.

I love my job.

Thank you, Jacki & Reid, for an incredible 3 days. Have fun in the Dominican Republic!

Stay tuned for photos to follow…

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Againn’s Page @ {Elizabeth Parker – Washington, DC – Food Photographer}

I am just soooo pleased with the photos from AgainnĀ for

And can I just say that this gaelic quote from their website just made my day:

“An rud nach leigheasann im n uisce beatha nl aon d’n leigheas air.”

“What butter or whiskey does not cure cannot be cured.”

I can’t wait to go back and eat again(n)!

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Behind the Scenes: Ripple Winter Menu Shoot {Elizabeth Parker – Washington, DC – Food Photographer}

Last night, I did a quick shoot for Ripple to highlight some of the latest and greatest on their seasonal menu. Since the days have been so short lately, I’ve been searching for ways to create the lovely natural light that I prefer to shoot food with….inside at night. On Black Friday, AdoramaĀ had amazing deals (as people are apt to do on Black Friday). I took advantage of the deep discounts and bought this product shooting pop-up booth that is marketed for selling stuff on eBay. For $20, I was willing to roll the dice and see if it would work well for food. And it did! It took someĀ finaglingĀ (please note the to-go boxes as an improved way of boosting the lights higher), but I got the light where I wanted it. All that to say, my working hours are no longer at the whim of the seasons!

Check out the iPhone shot I snapped of the setup and then scroll down to see some of the final images:

Ripple’s Red Wine Poached Egg

Ripple’s Shenandoah Lamb

Ripple’s Poached Black Bass

Ripple’s Shenandoah Lamb

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Gratitude! + Valentine’s Day CityEats Edition {Elizabeth Parker – Washington, DC – Food Photographer}

Loved opening up my email today to see so many of my images on the Valentine’s Day email from!

I’m in such a grateful place. And oddly enough, my super happy zen has come from preparing my taxes. Yes, there have been many moments this week of my dropping my head to the desk due to the frustration and boredom of entering in transactions into QuickBooks and analyzing reports (ah, the joys of owning one’s own business!). Once I finished going line-by-line though 2011, I had a very clear picture of how much my business and really my life in DC has grown in the past year. I could literally trace the timeline of building the home office, putting together an amazing gear kit, and all the wonderful experiences (culinary and otherwise…) I’ve had in the past year. It’s been incredible. I am just so thankful to everyone for welcoming back the States and into this amazing city with such open arms. I have to especially thank my friends atĀ RippleĀ for supporting me and all my creative whims. It was so serendipitous that we found each other! Also, big love to, the whole New York team and all the restaurants that I’ve had the pleasure to work with. You guys make my heart sing!

I feel awesome about where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going. 2012 is going to rock my socks…

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Photo featured: City Paper’s Chefs Veg Out

Sometimes it’s good to Google yourself… just came across this articleĀ from way back in October! Logan Cox from Ripple dishes about food and sleep walking with ravioli in his hair…

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Featured: Restaurant Hospitality Hightlights Ripple’s Josh Berner { Portrait Photographer } Washington, DC

Congrats to Josh Berner at Ripple for making Restaurant Hospitality Magazine’s “Ones to Watch!”

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Photo Featured: Washingtonian salutes Bacon Roasted Pecans {Food Photographer} {Washington, DC}

Washingtonian is featuring Logan Cox’s recipe for Bacon Roasted Pecans from Ripple. My photo ran with the article this week.

They are delicious, and I highly recommend them for ANY occasion; holiday, dinner party, football game, Tuesdays…

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Photo Featured: Tasting Table’s Best Cocktails of 2011 {Food Photographer} {Washington, DC}

Tasting Table National named Ripple’s cocktail, The Something Sazerac Something Something, as one of the best cocktails of 2011.

Congrats to Josh, mixologist extraordinaire! Check out my photo for the article:

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The Family Meinhart {Child & Family Photographer} {Spring Hill, Tennessee}

Many moons ago, my friend Chris and I worked for the Outdoor Pursuits program at MTSU. That job entailed leading groups through the challenge course and spraying each other with a hose while cleaning out the camping equipment. More than anything else though, we worked the climbing wall. We belayed everyone from frat boys to the professors’ kids and in our down time (which there was an abundance of), we got to hang out with Keena who worked the front desk and who was dating Chris. We laughed until we couldn’t breathe most nights. They are, by far, two of my favorite people. So it has been a great time watching them go from flirty co-workers to husband and wife to parents of Thomas and Katherine.

I packed a small bag of gear for my trip home to Nashville for Thanksgiving, shoving reflectors and whatnot into my checked suitcase (it was a direct flight; what could go wrong?). Famous last words, right? I arrived 15 minutes early, but my bag didn’t show up until later that night. Since I was in town for only 48 hours and 24 of those were Thanksgiving day, there was nothing left to do but to roll with it. After rummaging around in my step-father and mom’s garage, I came out triumphant with a good sized piece of white styrofoam (also known as a reflector in a pinch). Styrofoam in hand, I went straight on over to their house to shoot some 3 month-old photos of Katherine and a few of Thomas, too… in his underoos, no less.

This being the 2nd time that Miss Katherine and I have met, it was an afternoon of discoveries. For example, she liked to cry 99% of the times that I pointed a camera at her. Surprise discovery! I, in turn, discovered that I think that sad baby photos are as adorable, if not more so, than happy baby photos.

She’s just so darn cute when she’s mad!

Much love to you, Chris and Keena. Your children are magnificent which is a testament to how incredible you both are.

And one more thing…. can Thomas and I play this again at Christmas time? “Pop-up Pirate?” “Pirate Pogo?” Whatever it’s called, the look on his face when it jumps is just fantastic!

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Featured in “Bye-Bye, Birdies” for the Washington Post Express {Food Photographer} {Washington, DC}

Remember that photo of the wood pigeon at Ripple the other day? Well, BAM!, it’s in today’s edition of The Washington Post Express.

And it’s also on their site:

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