Hello Bloggity Blog…

We are not friends. We have never been friends. I neglect you & you just feel like a ton of work without not much in return. Now my other friends, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter… those guys? We get along just fine. So in the spirit of new beginnings in the New Year, I’m going to start over with you, bloggity blog. Let’s play nice.
2014 Declarations

  • Grow mermaid hair (I like how you think I’m kidding… Nope! I want it LONG)
  • Manage health issues (2013 kicked me in the teeth. I got run down the gauntlet more than a few times. I really can’t thank my family, friends AND clients who stayed with me, were my cheerleaders & have been really patient with me when I couldn’t offer much in return. You guys are literally why I’m still here. LOVE. YOU. ALL)
  • Give more to my dreams than to others’ (This might sound selfish, but I have the really bad habit of dropping everything I’m doing  & working to throw myself into helping someone else on their path… I’m sure it’s good karma though.)
  • Photography hiatus is officially over (I needed a break, needed to recover, needed to reassess, needed to get pumped again.)
  • Redesign my crippled website (It’s been 2 years of trying to realize my vision for a good online representation of my company. I’ve given up on others & am doing it myself. Working on the bones of it all this week!)
  • Financial mumbo jumbo (Going to get this train on the right track… & kick some debt in the ass)
  • Paint apartment (Or move to a new one… if I’m still here 6 more months, I’m painting. Either way the hunt is on!)
  • Improve friendship correspondence/mend neglected relationships (I need some quality time with people that I hold dear… who may have forgotten that I do)
  • Cook more at home (Everyone knows I love a restaurant more than just about anything, but I miss cooking at home, especially for a group of people. I’m reinstating a standing dinner party at my house like I did in France & occasionally here, in DC. Time to dust off the cookbooks.)
  • Take back up my regular yoga classes & acupuncture appointments (Not only does it help with my health issues, there is something really powerful about taking an hour out of your life to do something wholly for yourself & then be able to pass a better version of you onto others.)
  • Read 1 book a week (Ouf… this a lofty one, but I think I can do it. How I miss reading on the Paris metro & plowing through books… le sigh.)
  • Complete 1 creative project a month (I need a brain work out… and it can’t be 100% comprised of photography. Let’s shake this up.)
  • Volunteer (Suggested opportunities welcome!)
  • 1 oversees vacation (I don’t know how this happened to me. ME!?! But I’ve only taken one (albeit amazing) trip in the last 3 years since moving back stateside… this shall not stand.)
  • Discover new spots in the US (All of my US travel as of late have been to visit friends & family only… I need to explore. I see the west in my future.)
  • Stop beating myself up about what I don’t accomplish & celebrate the things that I do. (Now there’s the hardest of them all. “Stop worrying” is wrapped up in that one… it’s a doozy.)
  • Make nice with bloggity blog…

But let’s be serious, it’s all about the hair…


PS Google Image search “mermaid hair” & the results are pretty ridiculous. For the record, that is not what I had in mind! Here, I did the work for you: YIKES!


Concert: Cold War Kids @9:30 Club for BYT {Washington, DC}

In case you missed it…. My photos of the Cold War Kids‘ show at 9:30 Club are all up on Brightest Young Things

Here’s all of them plus bonus b-roll shots:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

BrightestYoungThings – DC – LiveDC  Cold War Kids  Houses   9 30 Club

Concert: David Wax Museum @ 9:30 Club for BYT {Washington, DC}

Shot David Wax Museum and their openers Kingley Flood‘s amazing concert at 9:30 Club for BYT recently…. See ALL the photos below (including the b-roll) & learn all about this joyful band over at NPR!

Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0007Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0008 Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0009 Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0010 Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0011 Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0012Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0001 Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0013 Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0014Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0005 Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0015 Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0016 Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0017Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0003 Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0018 Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0019 Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0020 Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0021 Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0022Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0002 Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0023Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0004 Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0024 Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0025Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0006 Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0026 Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0027 Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0028 Watermarked David Wax Museum Elizabeth Parker_0029BrightestYoungThings – DC – PHOTOS  David Wax Museum   9 30 Club

Behind the Scenes at Cochon 555 DC – Elizabeth Parker- Food & Event Photographer- Washington, DC

On Sunday, I had  the pleasure of documenting (and devouring) the Cochon 555 Tour stop in DCCityEats.com by Food Network featured a selection of photos on their blog, The Plate. Click HERE to see their piece. To see the more of the photos, see below. Happy eating!

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Featured: Food Arts Magazine’s Ariane Batterberry’s take on DC’s Sips & Suppers {Food Photographer}

Food Arts Cover-page-0

Very excited to be in Food Arts Magazine again! Last month, magazine founder, Ariane Batterberry, Joan Nathan and I raced around the DC area hopping from dinner to dinner for the wonderful Sips & Suppers event (read more about that here). This month, Ariane recounted her impression’s of exploring DC’s booming food scene in her editor’s note. What a nice present to come home to from Iceland! (just you wait for those pictures…)

See all the images from an unforgettable weekend HERE!

Editors Note pg1-page-0
Editors Note pg2-page-0

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Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux Wine Tasting {Washington, DC}

A little while back I mentioned the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux 2010 Vintage Tasting that I photographed for Pearson’s at the Willard Intercontinental. It was a stellar event organized by Pearson’s David Choi. Wine makers & chateau owners poured more than 125 of 2010’s best wines from the region.Watermarked UGC Elizabeth Parker_0001 Watermarked UGC Elizabeth Parker_0002

After the tasting for the public wrapped up, we moved up to the grand ballrooms in the Willard for a cocktail reception followed by an amazing dinner. It goes without saying, that things got a little sillier at this point!

Watermarked UGC Elizabeth Parker_0007Watermarked UGC Elizabeth Parker_0008

Like I could resist photographing the delicious food…
Watermarked UGC Elizabeth Parker_0003

French Ambassador,  François Delattre, addressed the attendees (including the Portuguese and Finnish Ambassadors) about the importance of the wine industry in Bordeaux and the strong relationship between the US and France.

I’m still smiling from his closing remarks, “Vive les Etats-Unis! Vive la France! Vive le Bordeaux!”

Watermarked UGC Elizabeth Parker_0006

Nothing like kicking off your heels and climbing on top of a table for a group photo of some of the best winemakers in the business and foreign dignitaires…
Watermarked UGC Elizabeth Parker_0005

I rarely get my picture taken at events, but when the Ambassador of France (my second home) says “Oh we have to take a picture together!” who am I to decline?
Watermarked UGC Elizabeth Parker_0004

See all the images from the evening here!

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Chef Marjie Meek-Bradley Comes to Ripple {Washington, DC} Food & Portrait Photographer

PlateOnline.com   Who s In and Who s Out  Chef Shuffles for the Week of Feb. 22PlateOnline.com   Who s In and Who s Out  Chef Shuffles for the Week of Feb. 22-1 PlateOnline.com   Who s In and Who s Out  Chef Shuffles for the Week of Feb. 22-2

It finally went public this week that Marjie is taking over for Logan Cox when he leaves Ripple in just a couple of weeks! We’ve all loved Marjie’s work at Chef Mike Isabella’s Graffiato, and I’m just so happy that Logan’s successor at a restaurant that prides itself on sourcing locally came from right here in DC.

We did a bunch of portraits of Marjie in her new digs yesterday… and just in time: Plate Magazine made a photo request before I had even gotten home from the shoot!

Welcome to the Ripple family, Miss Marjie!

… and wonderful adventures to my dear friends, Logan & Sara.

Happy Birthday, Mike! 3 Stars Brewing Company & Friends Celebrate

Clients? Friends? Which came first? Beer or a good time?

In the case of 3 Stars Brewing Company, I just don’t even know. I just know that I love them to death.

That being said, here are some of my favorite photos from co-founder & brew master, Mike McGarvey’s SURPRISE 40th birthday party at Sixth Engine.

Happy Birthday, bud!

Watermarked MIke's 40th Birthday_0002Watermarked MIke's 40th Birthday_0001 Watermarked MIke's 40th Birthday_0003 Watermarked MIke's 40th Birthday_0004

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Published: L’Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux in France’s Le Figaro

Et voilà! Elizabeth Parker Photographie has returned back to its French roots! One of my photos is appearing in France’s newspaper Le Figaro‘s L’Avis du Vin.

I was very excited to be asked to photograph this amazing evening at the Willard Intercontinental for by David Choi, proprietor of Pearson’s Wines and Spirits and organizer of the event. L’Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux tours the US and Canada every year, but this is the first time in a decade that they have stopped in DC. The night was a huge success with several ambassadors and senators in attendance.

Much thanks to Bijan Jabbari who reports to Le Figaro from Washington. You can see the article below. My photo is the 2nd one of many of the winemakers with the Ambassador of France, François Delattre.

More images to follow!

Dégustation de grands crus de Bordeaux à Washington   Le Figaro Vin

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Featured: Sips & Suppers 2013 on CityEats’s The Plate

I’m very excited to share that for the first time both my photography AND writing is being featured on CityEats‘s blog The Plate!

Check out my coverage of this past weekend’s Sips & Suppers HERE.

Sips   Suppers 2013   The Plate  DC

More behind the scenes photos to come!

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